today show

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today show. back left corner. 1:18. synchronized jumpers. we’re famous:


our friends kelsey and jeff snyder came to visit us and so we spent today in the city. we made our television debut. i’m proud of ourselves. and i can’t stop laughing at this video.


Things I Like

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It looks like Google Maps updated their Satellite images this past month.  Our blue Maxima is well represented sitting in Perry Drive.

I was really excited when I found our little blue car from space….it made me happy.

I like a lot of things in this picture… our blue max…our apartment… my wifey (I assume she is inside)… not in that order though.

feliz navidad

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Small family, small tree. Here we are decorating our wee little Christmas tree last week. It’s fake, don’t hate.

I think we have one of the few Christmas trees in our complex. Everyone around us has lights up for Diwali. Not us, we will represent with our Christmas lights.


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My homesickness was both cured and exacerbated by our time home for Thanksgiving. We packed a lot into 4 days and were so glad to be around our families. Here are some highlights:

We started out in Cincinnati, here we are heading out to hunt for Jenna’s wedding dress. She found one in record time! She’s a simple gal who knows what she wants.

Eating Skyline Chili, of course. We’d been deprived for so long, but no worries we had our fix and now our stomachs are happy.

Hanging with Amos

Our time in Cincinnati was so good. It’s wearing being so far away from my family. I love them.

Then, it was off to Louisville.

Phil and I frequent Panera on weeknights to get some studying done together, and there is always a group of old dudes there playing chess. So, he’d been craving a chess game for the past couple of months. I literally cannot play chess, my mind can’t process it. So, he was excited to play a couple of rounds with his dad.

Christmas tree decoration.

A stop at Churchill Downs with the Beesons.

We are terrible at betting, minus Linda. The rest of us threw away all of our money and should never be allowed to show our faces at a race again.

Now we’re back in Jersey. I wish we weren’t, but we are, and that’s okay. Hopefully my homesickness will wear off quickly, and if not, at least Christmas is right around the corner.



on a different note…

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On a different note from yesterday’s video (which I hope you enjoyed as much as me… I’ve laughed for three days straight at that dang baby monkey)…

I’ve been really blessed by this song, and I hope you’re blessed by it too:

When the fields are dry, and the winter is long
Blessed are the meek, the hungry, the poor
When my soul is downcast, and my voice has no song
For mercy, for comfort, I wait on the Lord

In the harvest feast or the fallow ground,
My certain hope is in Jesus found
My lot, my cup, my portion sure
Whatever comes, we shall endure.
Whatever comes, we shall endure

On a cross of wood, His blood was outpoured
He Rose from the ground, like a bird to the sky
Bringing peace to our violence, and crushing death’s door
Our Maker incarnate, our God who provides.

When the earth beneath me crumbles and quakes
Not a sparrow falls, nor a hair from my head
Without His hand to guide me, my shield and my strength
In joy or in sorrow, in life or in death

In Feast or Fallow, Sandra McCracken

your day just got better.

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our fall in photos

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Beeson parents visit – Lunch at A Salt and Battery, Meatpacking District NYC. Their fish and chips made an appearance on Food Network’s Throwdown with Bobby Flay. (See below)

A walk around High Line Park, Chelsea NYC

A Broadway stop to see In The Heights with Jordin Sparks.

Dinner at Sant Ambroeus in the West Villiage.

Marking 2 years since getting engaged, husband remembered, I did not.

Chipotle on Halloween – $2 burritos if you dress up as a processed food. Yes please.

With the Parks and Malcolms. Muchos donuts.

No, we are not having a baby. Yes, our friends the Burkholders are.

Jessica graduated from Miami before my time.

We are kindred spirits and talk about Skyline, Graeters, and Miami CCC together.

Phil went to “Man Camp” aka a dude retreat with Jacob’s Well

He enjoyed himself.

Meanwhile, some ladies had an estrogen fest at home. It involved Korean food. This is the only picture I took.


Now, on to winter.